Saturday, June 6, 2009

My research questoin is, how do young womne become their own boss?
Some question I have line up are:
1. How did she get started?
2. How long have she been going hair?
3. How long have she had her skill?
4. Do she enjoy it?
She also move to America at a youg age,
5. I would ask what made her move to the US.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have all ways been interested with owing my own business. A young entrepreneur, that's the tittle a want by my name, so I thought it would be a good idea to interview a young entrepreneur to find out how to get started. I want to learn as much as I can, the pros's and the con's about being my own boss. After days of thinking about who will I interview, I found the perfect person, my hair stylist. A young woman in her early twenty the her own hair salon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thing is never what it seems

Levin poem really meant a lot to me. In my opinion people with no responsibility especially the young ones, don't value a dollar the same way a person with kids and bills do. It seems like he's saying those that have jobs sometimes don't appreciate it, while others are struggling in all kinds of weather just to find a job. One matter where you go jobs are no easy tasks, weather it's looking for one or holding a job down. Those who don't have a job look at those that do have a job and consider them lucky. Then the ones working are sometimes working for nothing because their still poor. Some are mistreated, getting a low wages, dealing with all kind of stereo types, and even making radical decision by leaving their family to work in different countries.

Gender didn't play a role with my goals

The men I was surround with as I grew up, held different positions. Some was in the military, few were cops, one drove a truck, and some held security jobs. The women on the other hand work in hospitals, fast food restaurants, and had office jobs. So I grew up thinking men do the heavy labor and the women do the light work. I actually still believe this because I wouldn't drive a truck or enter into the military. Although women can do anything a man can, I just prefer not to. However, when it came to my goals, I just follow my dreams, gender didn't affect my decision.
What shock me the most while reading Terkel's book is how important status was to women back then. Even being married to a man with high staus was taken very seriously. Not to say status isn't important in today times ... it's just that not everyone can reach their dream job(if hey have one). Now it's more like find any job to pay your bills and most women are not happy with what they do but do it just to get by. Even in 1972 the women with high status jobs found out that their jobs was over rated and wasn't to happy with that. I think thats the only thing that stayed the same.
Well I dont have a job that pay me money, but I do have a job of being a parent. My job tittle is mom and duties are taking care of two beautifull kids.It's a full time job, meaning I work 24/7. If I'm lucky I get two breaks a month. My work place can be many locations, the main place in my home which is a warm kid friendly environment. The atmospher is usally normal if your use to kids crying, runninig up and down, a mess all over, and did I say noise, lots of it. Although it can can pretty crazy sometimes I wouldn'd change a thing except more hours in a day.